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The Fairtrade Label South Africa (FLSA) was established in 2009 to serve the interests and rights of farmers, workers and producers in South Africa. Over the past eight years FLSA has played an important role in the implementation and promotion of the Fairtrade Standards and the Fairtrade Mark within the Southern African markets.

Due to a number of strategic considerations - FLSA will no longer function as an autonomous National Fairtrade Organization (NFO) effective as of 31st July 2017. It has consequently been decided to support Fairtrade licensees from the Fairtrade International Central Office.

We are currently in the process of working with our licensees to support them in taking up licensing arrangements with Fairtrade International, to ensure the Fairtrade Mark and all that it represents for farmers and workers remains strong and present in South Africa. These brands will continue to benefit from the support of the global Fairtrade network and from marketing efforts around the world.

We thank you, our supporters, for the way you have embraced Fairtrade and look forward to your continued support in buying products that help change the lives of farmers and workers in South Africa and in developing countries further abroad.

Fairtrade Licensing
& Sales:

Helga Stark

Fairtrade Consultant
in South Africa:

Kurt Liebetrau

Labelwise Campaign

Angela McQueen

Technical queries relating to Fairtrade certification can be directed to Fairtrade Africa -
Southern African Network and Flo-Cert Africa.

Fairtrade Certification:

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