Fairtrade in the World

Fairtrade World Map

The following organisations are behind Fairtrade:

Fairtrade International is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder body that is responsible for the strategic direction of Fairtrade and for setting Fairtrade Standards. Visit the Fairtrade International website for more information.

National Fairtrade organisations license the FAIRTRADE Mark on products and promote Fairtrade in their territory. As founding members, many of these organisations helped to establish Fairtrade International in 1997. There are 19 national Fairtrade organizations covering 24 countries. We, Fairtrade Label South Africa (FLSA), are the South African National Fairtrade Organisation.

These are associations that Fairtrade-certified producers can join to receive support and to influence decisions within the Fairtrade system. They represent producers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The African producer network is called Fairtrade Africa and is based in Nairobi (Kenya). Visit Fairtrade Africa for more information. 

FLOCert is an independent certification company that inspects producers and traders every year to ensure they comply with Fairtrade Standards. FLO-Cert has offices in various producing regions and the branch responsible for Southern Africa is in Cape Town. Visit the FLOCERT website for more information.

> For a list and contact details of all Fairtrade organisations and networks in the world visit info.fairtrade.net