Fairtrade Licensing

Why licensing

Once the supply chain is Fairtrade certified, the brand-owner must obtain a license from us Fairtrade Label South Africa (or from their national Fairtrade organisation) in order to use the FAIRTRADE Mark on packaging.

Licensing allows us to create partnerships with the final sellers of Fairtrade products, as well as to monitor the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark and gain valuable market information. License fee income is entirely invested in growing the market for Fairtrade products and in building awareness and trust among businesses and consumers, thus ultimately benefitting all participating brands.

The licensing process

There are three steps to finalise the licensing process:

Step 1: Application / Licensing Questionnaire

To apply for licensing you must fill in our licensing questionnaire, including all the relevant information for each product you want to label with the FAIRTRADE Mark. Please allow at least five working days for your licensing questionnaire to be processed. Remember that any information provided will be confidential and not share with third parties.

Step 2: Artwork Approval

Once we have approved your application, we will send you the guidelines for the use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on packaging and any other consumer-facing materials (e.g. coffee vending machines) together with the official version of the Mark. After you develop your Fairtrade labelled packaging / materials, you must send us the official, high resolution artwork files for approval. Please allow at least 10 working days for the artwork to be approved.

Step 3: Licensing Agreement

The licensing process ends with signing a Licensing Agreement, after which you will become an official Fairtrade Licensee.

Cost of licensing

Fairtrade Licensees are responsible to report the sales of each Fairtrade labelled products and pay the applicable license fee on a quarterly basis. The standard license fee is 2% on the net wholesale price invoiced to the next buyer, but exceptional fees may apply depending on your country of sale.

Apply for licensing

For more detailed information about Fairtrade licensing and to apply, please contact us at license@fairtrade.org.za or 021 4488911.