The Power of You Partnership


About The Power of You

The POWER OF YOU is a South African campaign that promotes the shared messages of leading social and environmental eco-labels. The campaign aims to show a whole new generation of South Africans that you have the power to change the world through simple everyday choices. By choosing products and services that have been certified to be ethically and sustainably produced, you can make in fact a positive impact on the welfare of those producing it, and on the environment.

The POWER OF YOU will run during 2015-2016 and will be driven by each partner through own campaigns, events and social media. We Fairtrade South Africa kicked off the campaign during our FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 2015.

To keep up to date, follow the hash tag #thepowerofyou on social media, or visit

The Partners

The POWER OF YOU partners are eco-labelling programmes that certify products and services against ethical and environmental standards. They are all independent, non-profit, and globally recognised as members of the International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling (ISEAL) Alliance. They are:

  • Fairtrade South Africa

Fairtrade is the world’s leading ethical certification for agriculture. We certify products like coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, sugar, cotton, etc. When you purchase a Fairtrade labelled product, you can rest assured that there are decent living and working conditions on the farms, and that these farms subscribe to sustainable agricultural practices. In addition, for every Fairtrade product sold, farming communities receive a ‘development premium’ that they can spend in education and health.

> To learn more about us, visit our WHAT IS FAIRTRADE page

  • Fair Trade Tourism

Fair Trade Tourism (FTT) is a non-profit organisation that promotes responsible and sustainable tourism in southern Africa and beyond. We operate the world’s first and still only Fair Trade Tourism certification programme. The aim of FTT is to make tourism more sustainable by ensuring that the people who contribute their land, resources, labour and knowledge to tourism are the ones who reap the benefits. This is done by growing awareness about responsible tourism to travellers; assisting tourism businesses to operate more sustainably; and by facilitating a Fair Trade Tourism certification programme across southern Africa.

> For a list of FTT-certified hotels, backpackers and tour operators in South Africa visit

  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

The MSC is the world’s leading certification and eco-labelling programme for sustainable, wild-caught seafood.  Our vision is for the world's oceans to be teeming with life, and seafood supplies safeguarded for this and future generations. Through our credible standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability we work with partners to transform the world's seafood markets and promote responsible fishing practices. We seek to increase the availability of certified sustainable seafood and our distinctive blue ‘fish with a tick’ ecolabel makes it easy for you to choose a product that comes from a certified fishery.

> For a list of MSC-labelled products in South Africa:

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent non-governmental organization that promotes environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. FSC was created in 1993 to help consumers and businesses identify products from well-managed forests. FSC sets standards by which forests are certified, offering credible verification to people who are buying wood and wood products. Currently more than 175 million hectares and 25,000 companies are certified to FSC standards world-wide.

> For more information on FSC visit