Fairtrade Producers Receive a Record High Development Premium in 2015

  • June 08, 2016

From education to eye-care, to micro-lending, mobile libraries and soccer fields, the Fairtrade Development Premium (FDP) is helping to transform farming communities across South Africa. In 2015, Fairtrade producers in South Africa recorded receiving ZAR 21,594,760.13* benefitting 234 projects in their respective farming communities. The funds were used for the implementation of social projects directly benefitting over 6000 beneficiaries. Families and communities indirectly impacted are estimated to be over 30 000 with a potential reach of 50 000. 

In addition to the Fairtrade Social and Environmental Standardsthe FDP sets Fairtrade apart from other sustainable certification systems. It is an empowerment tool used to improve equality and sustainability in the agricultural sector. Producers plough this extra sum of money back into their communities to improve livelihoods, building structures, access to health care and develop any other projects which are annually democratically decided upon by the beneficiaries. 

Use of Fairtrade Development Premium

Between April 2015 and May 2016 the FDP was used for a variety of projects, which were categorised into the brackets below. In depth descriptions can be found in the FDP report

  • Community Investment - 37.6%
  • Infastructure improve - 24.9%
  • Education and Training - 9.3%
  • Financial Planning and Development - 8.5%
  • Health - 2.8%
  • Other - 9.1%

Fairtrade Development Premium usage

Fairtrade Development Premium Projects

Each year beneficiaries are given the opportunity to propose needs within the community and can then democratically vote on projects to be funded by the FDP. As each community's needs differs, the variety of projects vary from annual excursions to mobile clinics, catering to the diverse needs that bring forth different benefits. 

Fairtrade development premium Du Toitskloof

A learner making use of the Computer Center at Lorraine School, Du Toitskloof, which was built with the Fairtrade Development Premium. 

Fairtrade Development Premium - Alvercia Juries

On the far right: Alvercia Juries is Fairtrade SA's first university graduate, her studies fully funded by the Fairtrade Development Premium. 

Fairtrade Producer: Mouton Citrus believes in empowering their workers


*A 75% response rate was received for the Fairtrade Development Research (30 organisations responded out of the 39 certified organisations) 

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