Fairtrade Fortnight: Zeddy combats climate change

Meet Zeddy

Fairtrade producer
Zeddy (pictured with her family) explains: ‘Climate change is affecting us because the weather patterns have changed. We had prolonged dry spells and the temperatures are getting higher.’ This is a worry for her. ‘Through Fairtrade we have received training… and we are taking action.’ 

The Kabngetuny Farmers Cooperative has seen deliveries of coffee harvests drop significantly in recent years due to a fall in prices. 

Kabngetuny and Climate Change


Climate change continues to pose a challenge for farmers who must deal with more erratic weather conditions. Producers need further support to produce consistent yields for the cooperative. Increases in temperature can be harmful to coffee plants which are sensitive to changes in temperature. Deforestation can lead to temperature increases, which in turn contributes to climate change. Members of Kabngetuny in Kenya are using new biogas stoves to help reduce the amount of firewood used from nearby forests in order to help fight climate change. 

Kenyan Fairtrade coffee cooperative Kabngetuny has been planting trees to provide shade for coffee plants since dry spells are becoming longer due to climate change. Sensitive coffee plants need  this shade in order to cope with the longer dry spells. Members of Kenyan Fairtrade coffee cooperative Kabngetuny have switched to using cooking stoves that burn cow dung instead of firewood, thus saving the nearby forest from deforestation and contributing to the prevention of climate change.